project review

Loving Jungle Life After Just One Week!

Review submitted by Jess Grant
Review date 1 Apr 2018


All the new April RA’s have one week under their belt now and we’ve done so much already. We arrived at camp on Wednesday after a pretty epic journey so it was great to see where we were going to be living for the next 10 weeks. Camp is pretty basic but comfortable, with a few luxuries like a shower and a toilet. Sleeping arrangements are either tents or hammocks – I’m in a tent at the moment and hoping to try out a hammock as well in the next few weeks. 

Life on camp is fun – we have a rota so two people are on camp duty each day, taking care of the cooking, washing up, and other general duties. Breakfast is porridge or eggs if you buy them in town, and then lunch or dinner consists of the staples of pasta and potatoes, or rice and beans. There have been a few experimental chefs already and the food is getting better the more we practise! During our free time we read, listen to music, play cards or just chat around the table. 

This week we have already covered a lot of the hiking trails around camp, doing either primate surveys, river walks, turtle patrols, visits to the swamp or reptile and amphibian transects. We’ve seen so much already – all 4 species of monkey common to the Osa, numerous birds and insects, frogs and much, much more. 

You get one day off a week to fill as you please, last week we went into the near by town to do some washing, stock up on treats, use the internet and just generally chill out. You can also just chill on camp, do a hike, go to the beach or visit a waterfall – something we are planning for later this week. We also have some horse riding planned. This is only in the first few weeks so I can’t wait to see what the rest will bring!

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