project review

Never forgotten

Review submitted by Isabella
Review date 25 Jul 2018


Having never left England before, I decided that I wanted to take a gap year and that I wanted to travel around India and Nepal. I decided to take part in the India Experience with Frontier for a month at the start of my travels so that I could acclimatize to the country and learn a bit more about its culture before embarking off by myself. Learning in depth about yoga, meditation and Hinduism was something I would have never have found out on my own while some of the people and places we visited were so remarkable that I will never forget them. India is so completely different from what I was used to at home that I think it would have been very difficult and quite a shock without going on the project first with professionals who know all about the country. I would highly recommend anyone to visit India and would definitely recommend going on the India Experience project with Frontier as the best way to see and learn so much about the country and its people.

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