project review

I still found time for my favorite activity, monkey massage!

Review submitted by Jane Stanfield
Review date 25 Jul 2018


With one look at the picture on the website I was hooked!

My first friend was Mr. Stubbs who quickly came over to investigate and invited himself on to my lap. What I soon found, however, is that baboon friendship is fleeting. Yet, there was no reason to worry as there was usually at least one baboon that needed a cuddle or special time from me every day.
Besides the machete lessons for cutting fruit and the 700 milk bottles to be filled and cleaned every day, I still found time for my favorite activity, monkey massage. I became an oasis of calm in the afternoon, especially in the medium pen where I would offer my services. Beau was usually the first to arrive for his daily massage and nap. On his back with his head near my knees and his legs going past my right hip, he would drop his head back and fall asleep. With gentle circular movements, I would go from the tips of his ears, to his fingers and toes and finally down to the end of his tail. At times, he would be so relaxed, he would begin to slide off my lap. If I had not been paying attention and caught him, he would have plunged head first onto the concrete.
I miss them all. Constant in my thoughts are Nigel and Valentine in the smalls, Beau, Caley and Violet in the mediums and Button and Elf, the two new babies in the troops that I monitored. Last but never least, Charlie the Samango will always hold a special place in my heart. The thought of his hand reaching out during our last visit can still reduce me to tears. I will never forget the baboons and the special friendships that developed with the little charmers.