project review

Hard work is no hardship when you enjoy it

Review submitted by Carly Howes
Review date 3 Jun 2018


I absolutely loved my time there and would definitely recommend it to anyone with a passion for African wildlife! I was amazed at how hands-on we were allowed to be with the animals after only just arriving and it was great to be shown such trust from the staff there.

We did need to work hard but as I was loving what I was doing the long days didn’t bother me. All the volunteers were split into groups and these changed every day so everyone got to help out with every animal and every aspect of work there. Some of the things we would do during each day included:
•    Morning food preparation for the whole day – this includes chopping vegetables, sorting leftovers and sorting out bottles for the younger animals
•    Caracal walks
•    Leopard cub walks
•    Enclosure cleaning
•    Big cat feeds – this includes cheetahs, lions and leopards
•    Helping to feed the 14 wild dog puppies which had newly arrived
•    Project work – this could include building ‘’termite mounds’’ in cheetah enclosures for them to sunbathe on or cutting grass around the electric fences to make sure their effectiveness wasn’t decreased!
•    Border and fence patrols – these were to check holes in all the fences and test the electricity readings on all the enclosures.
•    At nights there were also opportunities to sleep with the baby baboons, sleep at the lion watchtower listening out for poachers/anyone that shouldn’t be in the area or going on night drives, again to check for poachers and any wild animals that may be stuck in the fence.

The staff were extremely friendly and were very flexible allocating daily groups depending on what jobs/activities you enjoyed most or least. For example, some of the adult baboons could become aggressive and some volunteers didn’t feel comfortable on the big baboon walks but instead would bathe the baby baboons.

The rooms were basic but adequate with 3 single beds, a stack of shelves and a wardrobe in each room. There were 3 toilets and showers at the end of each block and electricity points in the kitchen area which were shared by all volunteers. The food was always tasty with 3 meals a day provided and there was a shop open twice a week which you could buy snacks and drinks in for party nights.

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