project review

Speechless in Thailand

Review submitted by Renae R
Review date 3 Jun 2018


While scraping away paint the other day a girl from the orphanage came over and began to help. After a couple of minutes I felt a tug on my arm and looked over. Etched in the paint was “I love you”. She smiled and pointed to the words she had just written. Speechless. How do you even begin to find words for an act such as that?

Now, every day is filled with hugs, smiles, waves, laughs, “Lenae, Lenae!!!!”, “I love you”, and so much more. Tuesday night I spent the night at the orphanage with two other volunteers. After work ended at three we went over and watched the kids dance and then joined after a bit. It went from traditional Thai dancing to a hip-hop dance-off. We, the volunteers and I, were pushed into the middle of the circle during the dance off and began to embarrass ourselves with no looking back. The kids cheered and began dancing with us. We spent the night in one of the rooms–there are about 20 girls in one room and they all sleep on the floor. Mosquito nets are hung from a string and blankets are pulled out from under their hanging clothes. It is amazing to think how little they have and yet how happy they truly are. Always smiling, always grateful, always happy. Always.

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