project review

Unique Experience

Review submitted by Tina
Review date 20 Jul 2018


Overall the experience was unique and one I will never forget. I had a great time volunteering and helping with conservation, as well as making new friends from different countries. It was really fun living in the project house with the volunteers cooking in the week as I got to try different meals and enjoyed every one of them! The country is beautiful with many things to do, however the beach is quite far (40 minute bus ride) and so is the supermarket. You do get a lot of free time so more money for activities in your own time is needed. But the activities with Frontier are really fun as you get to see whales and dolphins, clean the beaches, and the coastal survey has a great hike with beautiful views! And with all this you are conserving important species. I would recommend going for longer than a week so that you can do more of the activities.