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Review date 25 Jul 2018


I was looking to do something meaningful during my career break, apart from just seeing more of the world. The idea of volunteering stuck in my head, although I had little idea on what to do. In my research, I looked for a project that combined my main interests of conservation and ecology and found many to choose from.

However, Frontier's Belize project did elevate itself from the rest by being in such an interesting location and country. It also involved my recent adoption of diving as a hobby. Moreover, as I learned it was a start-up project, I was attracted by the experience of helping to get the project running.

After being involved in a fast-paced career previously, living in Caye Caulker was a nice slowing down experience and let me live with more appreciation.It was a long and much welcomed lesson. It was one of the main takeaways I have from this experience, along with being impressed by the enthusiasm and drive of my young colleagues.