project review


Review submitted by Natalie
Review date 13 Aug 2018


My name is Natalie, I have traveled to Caye Caulker, Belize from Ontario, Canada. I have come here to take part in the Frontier volunteer dive program for 3 weeks. Being a part of the frontier dive program here in Belize has been an incredible experience ! I have done many dives previous to this program but they were always for recreational purposes. The purpose of the dives done with fronteir is to collect data. Its a really different experience while dving and I have really enjoyed it ! We partake in surveys such as coral transects, coral collonie counting, lobster surveys, lionfish surveys, seagrass surveys ect. I have gain alot of knowlede while being a part of this program, I like that now when I go diving and Im looking at the underwater world I know the species I am observing and I have an understanding of how life under the sea works. There are other volunteers here that I work alongside who are a part of other progams such as mannatee conservation and beach conservation. Dagny, our principal investigator has done a wonderful job of mixing the three programs together so that I and the other volunteers are able to work together and be a part of extra things than was planned for us. For example we have planted mangroves which is a part of the beach conservation program. I now have my own mangrove nursery growing on the north island of Caye Caulker named « Nat`s Nursery ». I hope one day I can return to see it completly grown over. We live on the northern point of the north island. It is very quiet and peaceful here, One of my favourite spots is the hammock at the end of our dock. I like to lay out there at sunset with my island best friend, fury, the camps dog. Back home in Canada I often begin my work day just before sundown and late into the night. The island life is much different. Here we begin our work in the morning and we always finish at sundown. Which gives us the evening to wind down and relax with friends or in our own space. Its so nice to have time for me, sometimes at home it feels impossible to just relax and take time for me. I only have a few more days to be a part of this program which is very upsetting. The project coordinators and my fellow volunteers have become like a family to me (fury included) but I am most definitely satisfied with my time here on this islsnd and I will be leaving feeling like I`ve made a difference in Belize just as Belize has made a difference in me.