project review


Review submitted by Max Kimble
Review date 17 Jun 2018


I Volunteered with frontier after finding them online as i wanted to do something exciting with my gap year, i found the frontier Tenerife whale and dolphin conservation trip and it looked amazing from the reviews so i booked it. upon arrival i was greeted at the airport by the frontier staff and some other volunteers, the house was alive with laughter, fun and people from all over the world getting to know each other, the boat trips were amazing as you got to see the short fin pilot whales out in the wild and they are so relaxed around the boats, you also get to see many different types of dolphins swimming along the side of the boat and jumping out the water showing off. them memories will stay with me forever as a mother and a calf swam right along side the boat and looked straight at me. other activity's include beach clean ups which were a lot more fun than they sound as you get to see the physical impact your having and how you as an individual are helping not only the community but also the environment as a whole. on your free days and time off after activity's you can go down to the local towns and go kayaking, snorkeling, climbing and exploring. i went snorkeling every singe day i was there as i just loved being in the warm water surrounded by marine life and its a great way to bond with new volunteers as you all share the same love for the sea life. i would 100% recommend this trip to anyone who wants to explore a little more of the world and its marine life, iv been back 4 months as of now and i still haven't stopped going on about my time out there and i do not think i ever will.