project review


Review submitted by Courtney Lamb
Review date 13 Aug 2018


When i first landed in Tenerife i was nervous and excited, it was my first time going abroad alone and i didn't know what to expect, but i was not disappointed. I met two other volunteers at the airport and by the time we got to the house we were already getting along so well! As soon as we arrived food was prepared for us and it was delicious, we then had a house tour and the house and rooms were so much bigger than i expected! You also get a beautiful view of the sunset from the balcony and you can also see the coastline. The next day we went through training, this was to ensure we knew what to do on the boats and with the data we would collect, training was fun and really easy to understand i felt settled in by the second day and i knew i’d never want to leave the project! That's why i decided to add another week on after my two week stay, i definitely do not regret that decision at all. Over the three weeks i experienced the most amazing things, i went kayaking for the first time and a dolphin spy hopped right next to the kayak and then swam underneath i highly recommend going kayaking to anyone that wants to do the Tenerife project. I climbed mountains and El Teide which was breathtaking, i also tried paddle boarding for the first time and i was really bad at it but would still do it all over again! However the most amazing parts of the project was by far the whales and Dolphins, i had never been on a big boat like the Peter Pan before so i was excited to go on, my first boat was the best because i remember seeing the dolphins and was so hypnotised by them i nearly forgot to do my data! It was my first time seeing whales and dolphins in the wild and it'll be an experience ill never forget, this project has offered me so many opportunities and i’m so glad i took part in a Frontier Project.