project review


Review submitted by Babette
Review date 4 Jul 2018


The tenerife project was incredible! I left with so much knowledge about cetaceans and experience with collecting data. I went on many boat trips with informative project workers and other volunteers monitoring and recording data about cetaceans. Within two weeks my skills on the boat trips and writing up data massively improved and so did the qualities of my photo ID pictures.

The house we stayed in was comfortable and so easy to settle into, it had a great atmosphere and lots of space. It was easy to bond and make friends with other people on project throughout the boat trips, activities, briefing and sharing house chores.

I would recommend that anyone thinking about signing up for this trip, should do it for at least 3 weeks , it was so hard to leave! I am going on to study zoology, and a project like this is the perfect introduction to field work and the type of amazing people that run conservation projects. I definitely feel like i've had an unique experience, and unforgettable encounters with pilot whales, dolphins and a brydes whale.