project review


Review submitted by Gary Lemin
Review date 25 Jul 2018


I was 20 years older than any of the older volunteers, but that made no difference. I felt that i was part of the team from day one. I did so much great stuff and enjoyed every moment of my time in Fiji. I was doing the marine conservation course where they taught me to dive, then whisked off to live a simple and rough life for 3 weeks on Beqa island. It was stunningly beautiful. I got to do a shark dive, shark tagging and got to stay on what is one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed.

I could have easily stayed much much longer.

The team who ran the project I can not praise enough. Ollie the divemaster was running the whole project himself for the first couple of weeks and it was just the best laugh. Lots and lots of diving and lots of joking about.

You must take a sense of humour with you and the conditions are very basic, but that just ment the bond I made with my fellow volunteers was so much deeper.

I have spoken to other people who went with other companies and I know they didnt have the fun we had.