project review


Review submitted by Alysee
Review date 4 Jul 2018


I spent two weeks in Tenerife over summer volunteering for the project on dolphin and whale conservation. It was such a great experience that I would definitely do again! It is such a great way to meet people who share the same interests as you. I feel like I've taken so much away from this experience. I learnt a lot about different cetaceans and their behaviours. It was also an opportunity for me to try and improve my Spanish.

We went out on the boats every second day, in pairs. One person would take pictures of the animals, so that we could go home and identify them the next day, whilst the other would take down data (GPS coordinates, how many animals there were, the weather conditions... etc). The rest of the day would be free.

Overall definitely a great project if you're interested in cetaceans and/or conservation. I would also recommend it if it's your first volunteer project as it isn't too far from continental Europe and you're still living a very comfortable lifestyle.