project review

Dive training, Lectures and Sunshine

Review submitted by Daniel Williams
Review date 13 Aug 2018


So here it is, week 2 on the island! The week has been packed full of dive training, lectures and best of all sunshine. We have been dive training almost every day this week, each time we go a little deeper and see new things. After just two weeks I am qualified to PADI advanced open water, this means that when I have free time, I can grab my dive kit and a buddy and go diving, which is great! The sea is nearly always warm so going swimming, snorkelling or diving is never a problem. Camp life is good, there are always things to do from playing rugby on the beach to playing cards on the bench to helping out with camp duties, which include collecting firewood, cooking or everyone’s favourite of putting ash down the long drop! Next week we plan on covering the ‘science’ side of frontiers work in Fiji. Once the lectures have finished we then have to decide on our own project and speciality.