project review


Review submitted by Harry Bodington
Review date 18 Mar 2018


I arrived in Fiji to see the unfamiliar, extremely tanned face of Kris waiting to welcome us and escort us to Beqa Island. After embracing camp life for the last 4 weeks, Kris has become as much a friend as a Principle Investigator and Dive Instructor. Life here could not be run the same without him.

The week days are intense and crazy with early mornings to allow for all the diving and camp chores, but these could not contrast more with the incredibly mellow and chilled weekends, which truly embrace the concept of Fiji time.
Kris has embraced our requests to take us to the most picturesque place on earth on countless times. The almost hour long boat trip is a small price to pay to have a BBQ as the sun is setting on the sandbar, which can only be described as paradise.

Other highlights of my stay include climbing the nearby mountain to then have unbelievable views of the surrounding coral reef, along with enjoying a tub of Mango ice cream bought from the village of Rukua which was then carried back to camp as quickly as humanly possible in the 30 degree heat before it melted.

Essentials to include when packing is some form of cookbook specifically for rice and other carb based goods to make meal time as tasty as possible. Along with a solar charger if you bring a camera, as electricity is hard to come by.

Make sure to use the finely crafted table which is now a new addition to the camp, and enjoy your time.