project review


Review submitted by Naomi Dixon
Review date 13 Aug 2018


I feel like I have gained so many life skills whilst volunteering and all are particularly relevant to help me develop with my current degree in social anthropology. Travelling alone seems like a dawdle now after my epic journey from Siem Reap to Koh Rong on a night bus, ferry and long tail boat. My volunteering experience has given me a massive sense of independence and having to be assertive when teaching English to my classes has also helped my confidence grow.

I would love to explore more of Southeast Asia (and the rest of the world!) and I am inclined to look for a job abroad when I graduate. My Frontier experience has really inspired me to journey further afield and also motivated me to do more volunteer work in the future as I have appreciated how rewarding it is for both me and the community/environment first hand.

Be prepared to get stuck in and your hands dirty from day one. It takes less time than you think to adjust to a lifestyle so different to the one you’re used to; before you know it you’ll be calling a tin shack on the beach home and will have forgotten what it’s like to have to wear shoes out the house! And finally, just embrace every minute of your experience and never take it for granted, because you never know if or when you’ll be back again!

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