project review


Review submitted by Sam Robinson
Review date 25 Jul 2018


“First off I had an amazing time here and I would recommend it for anyone and everyone. When I showed up, I was almost immediately thrown into the program and one of the other volunteers that had been there for two weeks began to teach me how they did things. Right after that first school day I was able to set up everything in the house and was introduced to the program more thoroughly. The first day was amazing and it only got better from there. I started recognizing the kids around town and all of them are incredibly keen to learn. I started making connections with some of the local people, such as Seour Jeanne, the headmistress at the school we teach at. The other volunteers were fantastic, and the staff were even better and extremely helpful.

After about two weeks I was hired as an intern for the community projects, and Frontier provided a wonderful opportunity for me. This also gave me the chance to talk staff and get to know them better. Each and every one of them are incredibly passionate in what they do. The staff really care about what they do, not only about the science and teaching they do, but also about the volunteers that are there, and the volunteers that are gone.

One of the best things about the program is the people you meet; the kids and the teachers at the school, the young adults at the youth club, the local people, the staff, and the volunteers. Throughout my stay here I made friends that will be there for life. I had an incredible time that changed my life and I came away with great friends and even greater stories. I hope everyone could have a chance to do what I did.”

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