project review


Review submitted by Research Assistant
Review date 4 Jul 2018


At the start of my Costa Rica teaching project I was immediately met at the airport by my volunteer coordinator and guided to the house. The transfer to the project was quick and informed me about the local village. The briefing was excellent as it told me everything I needed to know as quickly as possible and ensured that I knew everything about what I was going to do. Everything that I expected to do on this project was fulfilled if not more. The project gave me more opportunities than I had expected and I learnt a lot on the course. Everything was organised so well and my days were planned out carefully. I never had a moment where I was unsure of anything. Everything I did I felt was helpful or was beneficial to the kids and the school.


The opportunity to teach and to make decisions about what ages you want to teach whether or not you want to teach in the morning or the afternoon made the project very flexible which I liked. The fact that you can choose the length of your stay is a great aspect of the project as for some individuals shorter stays make work better whilst for others longer. There was a lot freedom given to the volunteers and we had weekends to do whatever we wanted including excursions. The joint meals are a nice way of mixing all the volunteers and the way that the projects are run by one coordinator ensure that you can always ask questions and be advised.


My experience at Frontier was amazing; I would like to thank my project coordinator for always being helpful and flexible and good company. I thought the relationship that Frontier has with the local schools and communities is extremely impressive and this was really helpful for my experience. Thank you to everyone who organised my project and I will definitely be using the company again and recommending to my peers and others that I know. It was truly an incredible experience!!!

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