project review

I feel the project was beneficial for me

Review submitted by Karah Philpot
Review date 13 Aug 2018


As I currently study Geography at University, I feel the project was beneficial for me as I learnt so much more about how volunteering projects are run, and the impact that they have on countries across the world. Even though washing the elephants was fun, we were also helping the local community through our donations and hard work.

I was on the program for two weeks, which was long enough to establish a daily routine for the elephant’s. Our schedule included waking up at 8 for breakfast made by the project staff. We would then go straight to the fields to cut down as much banana plant as we could. The work included us using a machete to cut the plants down, which takes a bit of practice! We would then drive the pieces of banana plant, and bananas, to the elephants. This is when they have their lunch, and all the volunteers get to eat lunch with them! This is definitely the time to get your best Instagram photos and elephant selfies. After this we would either ride the elephants through the jungle or wash them in the river. We would then return back to the center and have time to chill and Skype home, we had the rest of the evening to ourselves!

If you were wondering whether or not to take some time travelling, and you have a couple weeks (or more) to spare then you should definitely consider a project like this. The staff will become your friends and the work is so rewarding. And plus, you get to see elephant’s every single day!

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