project review


Review submitted by Game ranger intern
Review date 11 Jul 2018


I arrived at the game reserve to start my Field Guide Course to become certified as a South African Park Ranger! This project is 56 days long; if you choose to stay later I would highly recommend it! I had so much fun while I was out there. We would start our days at 7:30am and go out onto the reserve and begin our day, usually clearing fence or chopping down trees! We went to breakfast at 9:30, for all of you used to eating as soon as you get prepared for a change! 10am was usually the time we would have class with our wonderful instructor, we were given a work book and a book to study from. If you are an animal lover you will never be bored with this class.


 After a lecture lunch began at 1pm until 2pm, if you finished a little early we would all go up to the pool and hang out for a bit. Then the hard work started at 2 because we were getting to the hottest part of the day! Some days it reached 108!  We'd do the same like chopping trees, clearing fence, weeding the garden, going to feed lions, tigers and cheetahs, fix the predator camp fence and much more. And then late in the afternoon you get a game drive! Seeing hundreds of wildebeest, blesbok, springbok, a few kudu, eland, and the most exciting...elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, buffalo, and if you are super lucky a leopard. Dinner started at 6pm and we had the rest of the night to do what we wished. We were allowed to leave on the weekends to go into a nearby city where there were great parties, food, clubs, beaches, shops and anything else a tourist could want!



 The hardest part about this program was leaving. I made so many friends that live all over the world. There are very few I'll ever see again. The rangers are the kindest people you will meet and I had the opportunity to help raise a white lion cub. He was a true treasure and he made so much of the life at Kwantu bright. I highly recommend this trip for anyone who isn't afraid of hard work, dedication, and love for animals. Not all days were like the day I summarized, there would be dawn drives at 5am and night drive from 8pm-11. You'll have the time of your life, trust me! For anyone who is choosing this trip, have fun :)

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