project review

I absolutely loved it!

Review submitted by Claire Collier
Review date 25 Jul 2018


The project was great and really smoothly run out in Thailand. And because everyone is so laid back out there it was very relaxing. The first week exploring temples, both ruined and new, was very interesting and making bracelets and Thai meals was enjoyable. But I was really looking forwards to the elephants the most, and although everyone said they thoughts two weeks was too long, in the end i didnt think it was long enough!!

Everyday we went out to cut down banana plants and then take them to feed the elephants. We would then ride them before lunch. My first week in Umphang was marked by a lot of rain so unfortunately we were unable to get in the water with the elephants. But the second week dried up and we rode the elephants up and down a beautiful river and got in the water with them. The young elephant would constantly splash us and loved diving around in the water. With only 5 volunteers in the second week there we only had three elephants (We wouldnt have been able to collect enough banana plants for all of them) but it allowed us to form closer bonds with them, and their mahouts. Mogee was my favourate elephant :)

I will admit that I am very sick of rice though and now that I am home I have banned it from meal times for at least a fortnight! Umphang, in the middle of nowhere, took around 15 hours to reach, the last 5 hours taken along a road known as "death highway" which has 1219 bends and comes very close to the Burmese border. But the views from the mountain road were stunning and the people in the town were so friendly and welcoming. We were even lucky enough to have wifi at the house we stayed at. Aswell as working with the elephants we got to go rafting down a beautiful river and swam in two waterfalls over the course of the three weeks. All in all it was a very memorable trip and I would definitely consider returning there. I absolutely loved it!

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