project review


Review submitted by Conservation assistant
Review date 11 Jul 2018


I had such an amazing 2 weeks away and really wish I stayed at least another week! Week 1 was great as it allowed us to really experience Thai culture. The temples we visited were out of this world and the food was also amazing - I think I've put on about a stone but totally worth it! The induction week allowed us to get to know our team really well and at the weekend we had free time so we could chose between visiting the capital or going on a waterfall trek.


The scenery was stunning and we swam in a few lagoons - complete luxury!  Week 2 was also great, although the journey to the elephants was super long (about 14 hours) but that is not a complaint as it was worth it! Our daily routine was basically: wake up, go to jungle and cut down banana trees for the elephants, go to the elephants, feed the elephants, lunch, ride the elephants.



Then each day activities after that varied. We did some rafting and visited another beautiful waterfall. I spent my final weekend in the Capital which is an absolutely mental place (in a very good way)! The staff on both weeks were so lovely and extremely helpful! I can't recommend Frontier and the project enough!!!!


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