project review


Review submitted by Research Assistant
Review date 13 Aug 2018


The first thing that hit me upon arrival in Phnom Penh was crazy heat and humidity as well as the crazy driving. After a night in Phnom Penh I was excited to see the island . My first impressions of the island were amazing. The white beach and bright blue sea looked incredible. I was very pleased with the camp and the sleeping area. Everyone was super friendly and helpful in showing me the ropes. The food throughout the whole trip has been delicious and much better than I expected. I have especially enjoyed teaching the local children in the community. I would have liked to do more surveys but the rain prevented this which was unpredictable and obviously nobody’s fault. Laura and Shawn have been fab at giving new science lectures whilst the rain came down and Jack has been great throughout the whole thing. We had a great day in Koh Sdach, which was really good to experience some local culture and people. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 weeks on the island and have met some great people.



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