project review


Review submitted by Research Assistant
Review date 25 Jul 2018


We arrived in Phenom Penh bus from Siem Reap. It was a pretty long and hot journey, especially as the bus broke down for an hour so we were glad to get to our hotel ‘ Indochina Guesthouse, really recommend the hotel very clean, new and modern with air con and a warm shower, just what we needed. It was in a good location by the river and near the main restaurant and markets.

We got the school boat to the island we stay in with some of the local Cambodians, it was really nice to see them happily interacting with Frontier volunteers there showing they weren’t to bothered about so many western people living on their island. After the short boat trip we arrived and walked through the forest to our camp. It was pretty basic, but we were prepared for that and we were welcomed by other volunteers and staff, who had made it as homely as possible and prepared fresh coconuts for us to drink as we arrived. We took our first look at the beach, which was about 10 steps out of camp and saw how beautiful it is. Over the next 2 weeks I have very lucky to be staying in such a stunning place that was so private to the project. Living in camp is obviously very different to being at home. Food is fairly basic but we gave been making the most out of what we have and it tastes good. Even had a roast on Friday night!! So far the days have consisted of learning the many species of fish that well be surveying and going out snorkelling with staff whilst they test us on the species. It’s a lot more difficult trying to identify them in the water, but it gets easier with practise and it’s great fun being able to see such an amazing coral reef and fish. Soon well be starting the surveying which I hope will be useful in trying to save the reef and island as it would be such a shame to lose the unique beauty of such a place.


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