project review


Review submitted by Caitlin Gilmour
Review date 4 Jul 2018


My first impressions on arriving in Cambodia was how warm it was, taken back by the heat. That alongside the hustle and bustle of the country was quite over helming and a lot to take in but exciting at the same time. I met our friendly projeect coordinator at the airport without any hassle and then the other volunteers. Everyone was really nice and easy to talk to.


My first thought of seeing the island was just how tropical it looked with crystal clear waters and coconuts and palms trees alongside a gorgeous sunset. On our short walk to camp we passed through some of the villagers houses and I was surprised how basic they were. The villagers themselves were lovely and friendly and seem to have a really good relationship with Frontier.


The first week we have learned about coral reefs and the fish that occupy them whilst being able to see them first hand when snorkelling. I celebrated my 19th birthday which everybody on camp made it really nice, we had a Hawaiian style night where we made grass skirts from palm trees!


Find out more about Cambodia Island Beach Conservation here.