project review

First Impressions of Cambodia, the adventure begins!

Review submitted by David Stevens
Review date 17 Jun 2018


Arriving in Phnom Penh was a big culture shock for me especially as I have never been to another continent before. I was amazed to briefly see the way to life of another culture which was so different to the one I am used to. I then arrived at a paradise island to start living a back to basics life style, leaving behind the gadgets and consumer lifestyle of London. This is exactly what I’ve always wanted to experience and I’ve already learnt a few survival skills and I am excited to learn more. I’ve also met 2 Frontier staff and another RA who are all really nice people and have helped me settle in. I will be doing surveys on the condition of the coral reef around the island due to the fragile and threatened state it’s in. I have been out snorkelling a few times and have seen some really stunning fish, I would love to be able to identify fish and know how they live and behave. Overall I am excited to learn more skills in the rest of my time here.

Find out more about Cambodia Island Beach Conservation here.