project review


Review submitted by Jack Henry
Review date 29 Apr 2018


After arriving in Phenom Penh I was met by the country coordinator Nick and my adventure begin as the new project coordinator for the Marine Research Project. The Bus ride down to the coast was my first real sight of Cambodia and It really opened my eyes to the culture and life style of this beautiful country. After a few hitches on the bus we got to the coast and I got my first glimpse of the island I was about to live on for a year. I was greeted by the rest of the team who had been here already for a few months and a local villager hired to drive the boat over to the island. The short ride to Koh Smach took about 20 minutes across the crystal clear waters which were full of locals out fishing . When we arrived on the island I was introduced to even more of the ever friendly locals who all offered to help carry my stuff over to the camp. The walk took about 15 minutes through some dense parts of the jungles passing through various villagers houses who all popped out to say hello. We eventually broke through the under growth and arrived on the beach , where I was lead through a small opening to the temporary camp which would be my home. Set right on the edge of the beach my hammock was erected only 2 meters from the tide line. The camp immediately felt homely and the other staff members very welcoming . After a quick tour we decided to cool off in the not so cool waters which were teeming with life. The next few days was spent getting to know the island a bit better and exploring the jungle paths and reefs . Although only being here a few weeks I can say it has been the experience of my life , seeing different cultures, meeting new people and a beautiful remote island far from it all . I hope the next year goes as slow as school days!

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