project review

Such a wonderful experience!!

Review submitted by Mark Wager & Laura King
Review date 25 Jul 2018


We were looking for somewhere to volunteer in Zimbabwe or South Africa and really wanted to work with animals. This Black Rhino & Elephant conservation project was the perfect place and everything we read made it sound wonderful. We were especially drawn by the opportunity to work with black rhinos.

We enjoyed all the activities without exception and felt so lucky to be able to get so close to the elephants and rhinos. We particularly loved the variety of activities and it was so much fun to do something different every day. The camp-outs and night patrols were also great experiences, as well as snare sweeps in the game park during the day - although we felt a bit apprehensive about walking through the game park (wild animals and all that), but the local staff put us at ease and it soon became great fun as well as being an important job.

The accommodation is in such a beautiful spot, it was an absolute pleasure to stay there and the food was also fantastic!

There are so many positive experiences to be had whilst on this project: getting so close to elephants and rhino, feeling like you’re helping conserve them by observing and monitoring their behavior. I have learnt so much about the different animals living here and really enjoyed getting stuck in to simple but important jobs such as hay deliveries and game counts.

We have both had such a wonderful experience. Our thanks go to the local staff and Frontier for being so open and welcoming. We wanted to give something back and not just be “token” volunteers and we felt really valued on the project, that our time was actually contributing something meaningful and useful. I can’t thank Frontier enough for such a fun couple of weeks - thank you, we’ll be back!

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