project review

A Memorable Experience

Review submitted by Karen Fitzpatrick
Review date 25 Jul 2018



Upon arriving at camp, stepping out of the truck, I was greeted by a baby zebra named Benny who I would later take turns bottle feeding every 2 hours.  I knew right then that my experience here would be memorable.
What captured my attention immediately was the passion of the staff; it was inspiring to say the least.  Not to mention their vast knowledge of animal behavior.  These are people devoting their time, energy, expertise and hard work towards caring for and conserving these amazing animals.  Their selflessness is humbling.  Thank God there are people like this so perhaps the wildlife in Namibia will flourish for generations to come.
As a volunteer, be prepared to work.  It takes time to care for all the animals, but you will be amply rewarded with activities like the baby baboon walk, the caracal walk, carnivore feeding, etc…  A baby giraffe was even born during my time at Camp!  These memories are etched in my mind forever.
It was the experience of a lifetime!