project review


Review submitted by Costa Rica Volunteer
Review date 1 Apr 2018


I can't even describe the experience I had with Frontier! It's really best if you go see for yourself! 

Frontier were very attentive, from the day I called to find out more information, to the day I left my project. They were very flexible in accommodating my every need as well. It was great to connect with other volunteers and meet people whom to travel with, I think that was the best part! As for the projects, I taught English in Costa Rica for 8 weeks. The first school I went to could not really accommodate me because of scheduling reasons, but like I said, Frontier was very flexible in finding me another project, and I fell in love with my new project! I taught an all boys school near the capital of Costa Rica, and loved every minute of it. If I wasn't happy there, I knew Frontier would take it upon themselves to find me the best fit. My host family was also really awesome! They took care of me and fed me really well... we became really close. Frontier really makes your time and money worth while!

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