project review

Do it! It was the best decision I have ever made

Review submitted by James
Review date 13 Aug 2018


The best thing about doing this ski season firstly is the snow and the skiing! Secondly, you get to meet loads of new, like-minded people who have all come together for a love of skiing. Whether they are on holiday or working for the season, everyone has that passion in common and that is a really unique experience!

Doing this ski instructor qualification gave me such an understanding of the fundamentals that make up good effective skiing, that it improved my own skiing way more than simply doing any old course. As well as making me a far better skier, I learned ways of imparting my knowledge far more effectively on to others, which helps outside the skiing arena as well!

The training was massively rewarding and involved hard work, determination and the desire to really improve my skiing. The rest was great fun and a time in which I have made friends for life.

At Tignes you get to experience the mountain in all conditions, whether it is beautiful sunny weather or bucketing down with snow it is always different. Life is fast and ever changing on the slopes!

I chose to do this course mainly for my love of skiing, but also because I love working in the outdoors with people, if you feel the same way then I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Do it! It was the best decision I have ever made and I only wish I had chosen to do it earlier!!!

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