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Panda Magic

Review submitted by An
Review date 15 May 2018


What is a Panda Base?

Well, let me explain it to you! It is a place where you can encounter people like this:

1) Children with their parents and grand-parents, all screaming "da chiong mao, da chiong mao"; and guess who are screaming the loudest?  The parents and the grand-parents!

2) Young people in their twenties, normally fans of Jay-Z or Britney Spears, wearing Panda tee-shirts or Panda caps or Panda fur hats and screaming "da chiong mao," like during a pop-star concert!

3) People in love, holding each others’ hands (when, in my country, lovers go to the cinema or the restaurant or the bar, seeking for a bit of privacy!)

4) Groups of business men, maybe laughing for the first time in the week and thinking about something else other than making money!

5) Adopters from all around the world coming to China especially to visit "their" Pandas!

6) Old ladies, mostly coming from America ,with their Panda scarves, Panda pins or Panda bags, taking hundreds of pictures ,while screaming " I love you, I love you!"

7) A good guy with piercings and tattoos, proudly wearing his Panda hoody-sweater.


So, am I in a crazy place or am I as crazy as those people?

And is it curable or not?

Why do we love Pandas so much?

Why are we so happy when we see them?

What happens in our brains or in our hearts, when we pass the entrance gate?

My interpretation is that it is completely sub conscious but Pandas are a link to our childhood, the childhood that we don't want to quit.

I am an adult with lot of responsibilities and duties but, when I am with a Panda, the child inside me pops out, from the depth of my soul, and it is a nice feeling to be carefree for a few minutes or ....4 weeks.

So let the magic come into you!

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