project review

Loving the lions

Review submitted by Katie Bott
Review date 29 Apr 2018


The South Africa Widlife Conservation project is definately for those that love and care for animals and even for those that aren't as animal orientated! Life at the reserve is amazing from day one, the accomodation is really clean and well facilitated, the food served is really good too! The day is spent lion tracking, tree chopping, planting trees, predator interaction (for those lucky people who are there when there are cubs to play with, if not you can always go to the lion reserve to partake in their "hug a cub" experience with lion cubs and servil). There is also predator feeding about twice a week which incredible to watch.

Everday is one big game drive on a jeep and the coordinators know everything about anything in the bush! There is plenty of time to see the giraffes, the elephants, the rhino, buffalo and lions! And once a week you can go to the elephant sanctuary to feed and ride the elephants!! Yes there are times of hard work but it is stil fun to be out in bush and I even found it quite enjoyable to be chopping down trees!

For those adventurous people there are lots of excursions to do at the weekend in Port Elizabeth such as quad biking, horse riding, sandboarding, sky diving and if you're crazy enough there is the world's largest bungee jump, which a few of us went to do. This whole experience was the best in my life you're guranteed to have a great time and make lots of great friends for life!

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