project review

Homestays and Teaching in Costa Rica

Review submitted by Jaimisha Parmar
Review date 3 Jun 2018


Just after about 10 days in Puerto Jimnez I am so glad I chose to volunteer with Frontier in Costa Rica!

One day after landing in Costa Rica I went to Puerto Jimnez to start my time on the project. So far I have enjoyed every single day, from teaching the enthuiastic kids to eating the traditional pínto dish. 

My host family are great, I feel right at home as they are so welcoming and keen to make my stay comfortable - they are my new Costa Rican family! The weather is a bit of a mix and match at the moment (it's the wet season), but there is always something fun to do. After classes are finished I either enjoy the hot sun and relax on the beach, or on rainy days go into the cafe and enjoy a hot drink whilst watching Friends in English!

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