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Project News

Project News


News item submitted by Courtney Lamb
News item dated 3 Aug 2017

For our community project this week we decided to visit the beautiful town of El Médano. We usually run our community project in Los Cristianos, however we wanted to explore more of Tenerife and question more tourists outside of Los Cristianos.

Our community projects involve beach cleans and public questionnaires. Whilst carrying out our beach clean we were surprised by two residents who wanted to join in. They were very enthusiastic to help and this put a smile on everyone’s faces, the volunteers were so happy and proud of the work they did and it is clear that the work Frontier is carrying out to help the environment and the marine life is really starting to show and pay off.

Not only were the residents amazing, but the atmosphere in El Médano is incredible, from surfers to the musicians, to the crafts and the food.  You can find everything there. El Médano is definitely a hidden gem. After we completed our beach clean we then went out into the streets to spread the word about ethical Whale Watching. We informed tourists about which whale watching boats are legal and which ones are not, we also told them about Frontier and how we are raising awareness of the Cetaceans living around Tenerife. The tourists were very happy to stop and talk to.  After that some of the volunteers went surfing and many climbed Red Mountain. Overall it was a very rewarding day for the volunteers and everyone came away with smiley faces!

By Courtney Lamb - Assistand Research Officer Tenerife Whale and Dolphin Conservation 

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