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Partner Project Volunteer Coordinator

Frontier are seeking a highly motivated, organsied and flexible individual with excellent administration and communication skills to oversee volunteer coordination for their partner or group projects. This role involves overseeing and administering all aspects of volunteer support & coordination for Frontier’s projects. This includes teaching, community, adventure and wildlife projects that are run either by Frontier or through our partner organisations.


- Securing placements for volunteers and providing partner organisations with all relevant volunteers’ information (flight details, medical, insurance and next of kin details);

- Advising and preparing volunteers with regards to their projects, especially by providing speedy responses to enquiries;

- Developing, planning and coordinating the TEFL and BTEC courses and training;

- Ensuring the effective running and operation of all Frontier Supported partner projects;

- Ensuring all partner organisations comply with Frontier’s standards and requirements, complete the necessary agreements, exercise due diligence and provide regular risk assessment updates, photos and reviews;

- Liaising with partner and affiliated organisations to maintain effective working relationships and stay up to date with current information and industry best practices;

- Monitor partner projects and their effectiveness through feedback from both the volunteers and the partners themselves;

- Update project content on the website and briefing documents in accord with volunteer feedback;

- Assist with volunteer recruitment;

- Conduct site visits and meetings for the evaluation and development of all projects when appropriate.

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country : United Kingdom

job category : UK Staff Positions

job type (s): HQ Position

job area (s) : Administration

deadline for applications : No deadline

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