project review


Review submitted by Ali Jones
Review date 15 May 2018


I am currently on the Southeast Asia Ethical Adventure with Frontier, and so far very impressed and pleased. I have been in Thailand for one month now, and with the Frontier group for two weeks, and in that time we have swam with elephants, done an amazing trek through the jungle, seen gorgeous temples, talked with Monks, tubed down Pai river, zip lined through a jungle, experienced a floating market, and much more. The time has flown by because our days are so full of new experiences, and I am surrounded by good people.


Everyone involved in the program is super friendly and easy to get along with, and our trail leaders Rachel and Laura are very helpful and make sure everything is in order for us which is very comforting. Because I arrived in Thailand earlier that the rest of the group and am overstaying my visa, I have to cross a border to extend it, a situation that no one else is in, but Laura and Rachel have been so accommodating and helpful throughout the whole process that it isn't even a problem.



 It is so comforting to know that you have two knowledgeable people to help you through sticky situations like this when doing a trail such as the Southeast Asia trail. I recommend Frontier to anyone who wants to get off the beaten path and experience a new place for what it really is, while seeing the attractions and common visiting points as well.


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