project review


Review submitted by Research Assistant
Review date 11 Jul 2018


I spent my first two weeks in Hellville on the teaching project, and then spent two more weeks living on the Frontier camp doing the forestry project. I recommend coming to Madagascar, it feels special to be in a place with such unique wildlife, and a place which is so few people from Britain have been to. It has been an incredible experience to see lemurs and other species endemic to Madagascar in the wild, an experience which cannot be compared to seeing animals in captivity. My favourite aspect of the teaching project was becoming involved in the community, the adult classes were a highlight, as well as our participation in an end of term school concert, where we performed Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The forestry and teaching projects are extremely worthwhile and enjoyable, with great staff, as well as being projects which have a long-term positive effect on the local community and Malagasy wildlife.



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